Find and fix vulnerabilities
in your smart contracts

Use AI powered auditors - Fast and effective

Save time and money by using my AI tools from your laptop or phone. Send your github repo to my service. Get a report of the security vulnerabilities, and code examples.

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How It Works
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    Submit Code
    Send a link to the github repo. This starts the analysis and report generation process. Currently the AI analysts only review vulnerabilities in CosmWasm smart contract code.
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    Receive AI Code Report
    You will receive an email with the report as a PDF attachment.
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    More Questions?
    Read the Frequently Asked Questions page or @cosmwasmai on twitter

Secure your code

Generate a security report on your smart contracts with AI

Save money and use AI to do a code review from your laptop or phone instead of hiring an expensive auditor. Send your github repository to AI analysts for all known CosmWasm vulnerabilities. Get a report of the security findings, and code examples for how to fix.

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